Meet Deborah

I’m Deborah and welcome to Cooking for Good!

About me:

I have always loved good food. My entry into the kitchen only started when I was finishing my doctorate at Harvard. In my program, we often spend years to finish and write up our projects. What I love best about cooking is that there is always a finished product to enjoy and savor at the end of the day!

My husband is a vegetarian (I’m not!) so a lot of my recipes have a veggie twist. As someone who enjoys eating some meat, I always had a misconception that vegetarian food was not and could not be tasty. Not true! With a little bit of searching and creativity, vegetarian food can be just as delectable. My husband’s love for my veggie-friendly dishes has inspired me to find more tasty vegetarian recipes for us to enjoy together.

About this website:

Cooking for Good is about finding the most well-rated and reviewed recipes online, testing it out, compiling my favorites here, and sharing them. In other words, I find them so you don’t have to! I’ve always found that “good” food brings people together and creates a comfortable context conducive to building better relationships. My purpose in cooking is to facilitate the “good.” Good relationships, good times, good people. It’s also an easy way to share my favorite recipes with all of you!

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